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Valley National Bank's

Business Banking - OnlineTM

Anytime, Anywhere - Safe and Secure



At Valley National Bank, research and development of new products and services is an ongoing job.  

We strive to offer services that our commercial customers need and will actually use.  Our Business Banking - OnlineTM  product offers 

a variety of sophisticated online tools that can be modified to the individual needs of any type of business.

Tools that will ensure your cash balances are constantly working hard for you. Instant transaction originations, customized reports,

automatic balance alerts and fraud control are just a few of the features that will give you an unprecedented level of control, freedom and flexibility. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Balance Reporting
  • Detail Transaction Reporting
  • Balance Alerts
  • On-screen Check Images
  • Account-to-Account Transfers
  • Online Services (research requests & secure e-mail)
  • Stop Payments
  • ACH Origination
  • Wire Transfers

For more information about Business Banking - Online, please call one of our knowledgable Customer Service Representatives at 505-753-2136 or email our Customer Service Department at